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The once upon a dive, in a kickass friendly community, was a "Bistro", nah scratch that, a "Roadhouse". Bistro's blush at the towering sight of the Small Axe's snacktastrifies! Small Axe Roadhouse is a cult classic in the making. When you leave you will most likely be in some sort of discomfort from stuffing your face beyond the "point of no return", or maybe I just don't want it to go to waste. Either way you will be enjoying every second of it! An absolute must after a delightful float down the river in the summer. Thanks to Sarah and the Family of the Small Axe Roadhouse for letting me shoot your epic food, drinks, and personalities!


Alright Humans, Lets be honest, Daily is not even a concept in this crazy world. Who knows what's happening next? Honestly? So I will remove all expectations from the start! I am going to Blog on here when I can. Check back for progress, relevant info, and for an all around mediocre blog! You're welcome. LOL

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